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The A27 is the only major east-west road along the South Coast, linking Brighton, Worthing, Chichester, Portsmouth, Southampton, and beyond. It is managed and operated by the Highways Agency on behalf of the Government and is one of the most unreliable trunk roads in England.

This unreliability affects the performance of the local economy as the A27 constrains much needed development and causes delays for businesses, residents and visitors to West Sussex. In the Transport Plan, we have identified improvements to the main bottlenecks at Chichester, Arundel, Worthing, and Lancing as the County Council’s highest priority.

In its June 2013 Spending Review, central government announced intentions, for the period 2015 to 2019, to:

  • upgrade the 6 junctions of the A27 Chichester Bypass; and 
  • complete an A27 corridor study (including identifying solutions for Worthing and Arundel).

As a result of these commitments, the Department for Transport (DfT) is investigating long-term solutions for the corridor through the A27 Corridor Feasibility Study. We are providing support to this work.

A27 Action campaign

We have established the A27 Action campaign to present central government with a robust case, demonstrating the need for improving the A27 across West Sussex.

In West Sussex, the campaign seeks to achieve:

  • dualling of the A27 across West Sussex;
  • improved junctions at Chichester and Fontwell;
  • a bypass of Arundel; and
  • improvements to the Worthing to Lancing corridor.

Visit the A27 Action website for:

  • key information about the campaign; and 
  • a short survey aimed at businesses to obtain information to support the case for A27 improvements.


Current progress and next steps

A27 Chichester Bypass: The Highways Agency is currently undertaking preparatory work for a scheme options assessment and consultation phase. Subject to central government approval, a public consultation might be staged in 2015.

A27 Corridor Study (including solutions for Arundel and Worthing/Lancing): An initial scoping and evidence-gathering phase has recently concluded. An options identification stage is underway, which will be followed by an appraisal to assess the impacts of the options. The study is expected to be complete in autumn 2014.

Publicity Campaign: The A27 Action campaign, led by the County Council, has been set up with the aim of unifying the call from businesses, the local community and local government for appropriate solutions to A27 improvement needs in West Sussex.

Background information: A27 Action Plan study

In late 2012 there appeared no obvious prospect of Government intervention to determine significant, appropriate solutions and it was likely that improvements to the A27 would continue to be delayed. We therefore engaged consultants to prepare a short term Action Plan for the A27 that would be capable of supporting local economic growth and bringing forward planned development needed to meet local needs.

This work was completed in 2013 and concluded that a realistic set of short-term, affordable proposals could be delivered for key junctions at Chichester, Arundel, Worthing and Lancing but similar short-term solutions would not significantly improve performance in the Arundel area (although modest ‘online’ improvements would likely be necessary to support planned development, or other local network improvements). A presentation and the technical report for this work are available below.

However, the above short-term plan was not progressed to the consultation stage because, in its June 2013 Spending Review, central government announced new plans to upgrade the A27 Chichester Bypass to complete an A27 corridor study, including identifying solutions for Worthing and Arundel, between 2015 to 2019.

Supporting documents


Previous proposals for the A27 in West Sussex

Following the Secretary of State for Transport’s rejection of the South Coast Multi Modal Study (SoCoMMS) recommendations in 2003, the Highways Agency worked with us, other local authorities and statutory environmental bodies to develop a local strategy and improvement options for the A27 Chichester bypass.

These options were the subject of a local public consultation held in late 2004/early 2005. Information on the strategy and options presented is available on the Highways Agency website. Following a cost review in 2009, these proposals were not progressed further.

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