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West Sussex seaside holidays in the past

Free downloadable resources for Key Stage 1 teachers, based on QCA Schemes of Work History Unit 3 'What were seaside holidays like in the past?' and Geography Unit 4 'Going to the Seaside'.

Victorian West Sussex

Access 'classroom-ready' learning activities for teachers of History Key Stage 2, based on 2 QCA schemes of work.

Wartime West Sussex 1939-45

These pages have over 700 digitised sources about life in West Sussex in World War II. They include photos, official leaflets, book extracts, newspaper articles, letters, diaries, original records and recorded memories.

Billy Hoad - His diaries and reflections

This website is a record of the life of a young Sussex working man during the final decade of Queen Victorias reign. It is drawn from the diaries Billy Hoad kept from 1893 through to the turn of the century.


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