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Contractor health and safety standards

These standards have been produced in order to encourage and facilitate minimum acceptable health, safety and welfare standards for contractors working on West Sussex County Council premises and property construction or maintenance sites.

The standards should be used as a reference for the County Council's officers, consultants and contractors. They help in the development of health and safety method statements and, where applicable, project health and safety plans as required by the Construction [Design & Management] (CDM) Regulations.

The standards do not act as a substitute for site and task specific risk assessments required by the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations. Contractors are free to follow other methods of safe working provided that they are at least equal to or exceed these standards.

These standards are not exhaustive; not all situations to be found on all sites will be covered by these standards, so hybrid methods may have to be developed by consultants and contractors in liaison and in agreement with County Council officers.

Where consultants or contractors do not understand any part of these standards or how to develop them to be site/task specific they should consult with their own 'competent person' in health and safety first (a statutory requirement under Regulation 7 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations).

Direct contractors on County Council premises must insist on at least equivalent standards of health and safety from their sub-contractors.

In addition to these standards, consultants and contractors must refer to other appropriate legislation and guidance, such as:

Supporting documents

Non-construction health and safety standards

Construction health and safety standards

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