Date Added: 16th April
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Call Ref: 660
Time: 10:04-10:31
Incident: Fire - small fire in domestic garage used as workshop - fire out on arrival of WSF&RS - minor salvage carried out - accidental - WrL Midhurst

Call Ref: 661
Time: 10:31-11:09
Incident: Assistance to RSPCA - cat on pitch of house roof - cat rescued by WSF&RS using ladders and safety lines - cat left in the care of RSPCA officer - WrL Chichester

Call Ref: 663
Time: 11:40-12:09
Location: A27 ARUNDEL
Incident: RTC - van, car and lorry - road closed in both directions - 1 woman trapped in car released by WSF&RS using small tools - scene made safe - WrL Arundel

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Call Ref: 664
Time: 11:50-14:05
Incident: Fire - smoke issuing - fire in kitchen - 4BA, 3HRs used by WSF&RS - kitchen 100% damaged by fire - remainder of house 100% damaged by smoke - 3 dogs and 1 cat removed from house - sadly all the animals died at the scene - cause of fire under investigation - WrLx2 Littlehampton, FIO

Call Ref: 671
Time: 12:49-14:02
Incident: Fire - area of undergrowth 20mx 30m on fire - 1HR and beaters used by WSF&RS - WrL Midhurst, L4T Midhurst

Call Ref: 676
Time: 16:22-17:07
Location: A24 FINDON
Incident: RTC - car and lorry - 1 man and 1 woman trapped in car - both persons extricated by WSF&RS using hydraulic rescue equipment and taken to hospital by ambulance - police in attendance - WrLx2 Worthing, HRT Worthing

Anyone who saw the collision should call Sussex Police on 101 quoting serial 965 of 15/4 or email

Call Ref: 677
Time: 17:16-18:10
Incident: RTC - car in collision with parked car - 2 females trapped - both persons extricated by WSF&RS and taken to hospital by ambulance - 1 further woman taken to hospital by air ambulance - WrL East Preston, WrL Littlehampton, WrL Worthing, HRT Worthing

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Call Ref: 682
Time: 18:46-19:01
Incident: Fire - bin fire caused by discarded smoking materials extinguished by WSF&RS using buckets of water - WrL Burgess Hill


Call Ref: 714
Time: 06:04-06:25
Incident: Flooding - ground floor flat affected by flooding caused by burst pipe in upper flat - water and electrics isolated by WSF&RS - salvage carried out - WrL Worthing

WrL Water Tender Ladder
L4T Four Wheel Drive Vehicle with Water Tank
CU Command Unit
HR Hose Reel
RIB Rigid Inflatable Boat
BA Breathing Apparatus
HRT Heavy Rescue Tender
ALP Aerial Ladder Platform
BASU - Breathing Apparatus Support Unit
WrC Water Carrier
PPV Fan Positive Pressure Ventilation fan
TIC Thermal Imaging Camera
FIO Fire Investigation Officer
TRU Technical Rescue Unit

A woman from Walberton was able to escape safely from a flat fire in the early hours of this morning thanks to a working smoke alarm.

Firefighters from Arundel and Bognor were called to the flat above the Holly Tree Pub in The Street, Walberton at 1.36am this morning after a fire started in a tumble dryer on the 1st floor.

The occupier, a woman in her forties, was asleep in bed when tea towels, left in the machine following a drying cycle, ignited. Thankfully, the flat was fitted with a working smoke alarm which activated and alerted the woman to the developing fire giving her the time she needed to escape safely.

On arrival firefighters wearing breathing apparatus entered the property and extinguished the blaze using a hose reel and covering jet. The woman, suffering from mild smoke inhalation, was given oxygen therapy by the fire crew at the scene but did not need hospital treatment.

Incident Commander from Arundel Fire Station, Richard Tout, said afterwards:

"This is another example of where a working smoke alarm has potentially saved a life. The lady was asleep in bed and had the smoke alarm not alerted her, this fire could have had tragic consequences. Because the smoke alarm gave that vital early warning, the woman closed her internal doors, preventing the fire from spreading, and escaped safely.

"We would also like to remind people about the danger of leaving appliances like tumble dryers, washing machines or dishwashers running overnight or while out. They can be a fire risk because of their high wattage, friction and motors."

West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service offer free Home Fire Safety Checks where firefighters visit homes by appointment to give safety advice and, where appropriate, fit smoke detectors or other specialist fire detection equipment.

West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service particularly want to hear from those who are:

. Are 65 or over and live alone
. Have a physical disability or frailty affecting their ability to either summon help or escape in an emergency
. Use a Community Alarm or Emergency Monitoring service like Careline or Lifeline
. Have a sensory impairment or difficulty hearing a standard smoke alarm
. Have a cognitive impairment affecting their ability to remember things or retain information, such as dementia

To request a Home Fire Safety Check call free on 0800 328 6487 or visit

Date: 20th March 2014
Press Officer: Sarah Smith
Telephone: 01243 752448


More than 30 firefighters are currently tackling a blaze at Millais School in Horsham. The fire is now under control and there are no reported injuries.

All staff and pupils were safely evacuated prior to the arrival of fire crews.

West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service were called to the school on Depot Road at 14.52 this afternoon after a fire was reported on the 3rd floor of the 3-storey building.

Firefighters from Horsham were at the scene within 7 minutes of the alarm being raised. On arrival smoke was seen issuing from the roof so four additional crews were immediately requested.

Crews are fighting the fire using 8 breathing apparatus wearers, 6 jets as well as an aerial ladder platform so the blaze can be tackled from above.

Depot Road is currently closed between the juntion with Orchard Road to the west and Comptons Lane to the east. Police are advising parents wishing to collect their children to do so via Highlands Road to the south of the school.

The cause of the fire is currently under investigation.

Date Added: 18th February 2014
Press Officer: Sarah Smith
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Firefighters in West Sussex are warning people about the dangers of playing in water after being called to rescue a boy who got into trouble on the River Lavant yesterday evening.

West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service were called to the stretch of river in the Hornet in Chichester shortly after 6pm last night after the 12-year old, who was playing on a makeshift raft with two friends, fell into the water and was swept downstream.

The force of the water carried the boy dangerously close to the culvert pipe, where the river goes under the city, before he managed to pull himself onto a small brick ledge.

A crew from Chichester Fire Station were on the scene within minutes of the alarm being raised and were able to reach the boy using a system of ladders and ropes. The boy, who was suffering from cold and shock, was treated at the scene by paramedics from South East Coast Ambulance Service but did not need hospital treatment.

West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service Incident Commander in charge of the rescue, Kim Taylor, said afterwards:

"This young lad had a very lucky escape because this could have been a much more serious incident. If he had been swept a few more feet downstream into that culvert pipe then I have no doubt we would be talking about a tragic outcome.

"This incident really does highlight how dangerous playing on, or wading into, water can be. The protracted period of rain and higher than usual water levels mean that the risks are even greater at the moment. However, even if the water doesn't look deep it can still be highly dangerous. Our advice is simple - don't put yourself or others at risk just stay out of the water."

Date Added: 10th February 2014
Press Officer: Sarah Smith
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A rise in chimney fires across the county has sparked a safety warning from West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service.

Since Friday (7-9 February) firefighters have been called to 9 separate chimney fires in Amberley, Rudgwick, Crawley, Southwick, Storrington, East Preston, South Harting, East Grinstead and Bepton. Thankfully, the responding crews were able to extinguish the blazes quickly and prevent them from spreading, but chimney fires can be devastating.

Chimney fires are one of the most frequent incidents attended by the Fire Service. During 2013 (January 1 - December 31) West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service attended 220 chimney fires across the county.

Jackie Boyle, Community Fire Safety Officer for West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service, said:

"We all know the weather has been miserable of late so it's only natural that people are turning to open fires to keep warm and cosy, but if basic safety precautions aren't followed they can become a serious fire hazard. The best piece of advice we can give to anyone planning to light a fire is to make sure they get their chimney checked and swept each year.

"Of course, you should also make sure you have a working smoke alarm on each level of your home - that early warning to a fire really is a lifesaver and means damage to your property can hopefully be kept to a minimum."

West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service offers the following advice:

- Have your chimney swept at least once a year, twice a year if burning wood.
- When burning wood, use dry, seasoned woods only.
- Build smaller, hotter fires that burn completely and produce less smoke.
- Never burn cardboard boxes or waste paper.
- Never use petrol or paraffin to light your fire.
- Do not overload the grate or appliance.
- Use a fire or spark guard to prevent accidental fires.
- Ensure the fire is fully extinguished before going to bed or leaving the house.
- Make sure wood burners and other fire appliances are installed and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

To find your local chimney sweep, contact the National Association of Chimney Sweeps on freephone 0800 833464 or

Fire safety advice is free and easy to access from West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service call 01243 642879 or visit


Date Sent: 9th April 2014
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